Life’s disasters can be devastating.  Whether they are personal or global, when bad things happen our discouragement can lead to a real sense of desperation and defeat. This was the […]

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The doorbell rings and you see your doctor standing there.  You think you must be really sick if your doctor is at the door so you do not open it. […]

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Imagine a book titled, All the Sins I Always Wanted to Commit but Never Did. This book would be about God’s mercy, God’s daily attempts to keep us from sinning. […]

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Why did Jesus have to be baptized?  After all, baptism is about the forgiveness of sins so why did the sinless Jesus have to be baptized? First of all, Jesus […]

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In seeking God, what are we looking for?  Sometimes we look for God to help us make sense out of the past.  Other times, we pursue God to give us […]

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Life is full of announcements.  Announcements about flights in airports, sales in stores and activities in churches.  Announcements about newborn babies, people who have died, couples who are getting married. […]


The story of almost every life includes missed opportunities.  Opportunities for something good and wonderful that were missed.  Somebody else got that great job because the job application was submitted […]

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Thanksgiving is a time when things fill up.  Our houses fill up with family and friends. Our stomachs fill up with food. Churches fill up with people.  Food banks and […]