This coming Thursday is the 13th anniversary of the September 11, 2001, terrorist attack on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. Still reeling from the devastation of that date, […]

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As part of our transformation into Christ Cathedral Parish, we have had to learn how to carry on parish ministries and activities in both outdoor and indoor space that is […]

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It was a very cold night and St. Francis of Assisi was quite ill.  His good friend Brother Leo wanted to build a fire and cover Francis with a blanket […]


What you would put on a list of what is most important to you? Perhaps your list would include things like your faith, marriage, children, family, friends, health, job, education. […]


We have a tendency to want things to stay the same. That is certainly true if things are good and going well, why would we want them to change?  It […]

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A favorite childhood activity is a treasure hunt.  Supplied with a map and some clues, the child searches the house, the yard, the park or wherever the treasure is hidden […]

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“Nobody’s perfect!”  Even though we have heard it or said it, sometimes we live as if we do not really believe it.  At times, we live in the illusion of […]

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There was a young boy who was very excited about the prospect of planting his first vegetable garden.  He carefully picked out the seeds for the plants he wanted to […]

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This is the weekend to think about freedom.  The July 4th celebration of Independence Day reminds us of the blessing it is to live in a country that enshrines freedom […]

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