This coming Thursday is the 13th anniversary of the September 11, 2001, terrorist attack on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. Still reeling from the devastation of that date, we live in a world where terrorist attacks and bloody executions continue to shock us. These horrific events have consequences.  They can alienate and isolate […]

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As part of our transformation into Christ Cathedral Parish, we have had to learn how to carry on parish ministries and activities in both outdoor and indoor space that is different from where we were.  We are grateful for the patience, cooperative spirit and generosity that both staff and parishioners have shown during this transition. […]

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It was a very cold night and St. Francis of Assisi was quite ill.  His good friend Brother Leo wanted to build a fire and cover Francis with a blanket but he refused.  Francis said, “If I cannot bring warmth to so many of my brothers and sisters who are cold, at least I can […]


What you would put on a list of what is most important to you? Perhaps your list would include things like your faith, marriage, children, family, friends, health, job, education. The woman in the Gospel story whose daughter was possessed by a demon knew what was most important to her:  the health of her daughter […]


We have a tendency to want things to stay the same. That is certainly true if things are good and going well, why would we want them to change?  It is also often true when things are not so good.  We would rather stay in the painful or tumultuous situation that we are familiar with […]

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Grace is a basic word in our Catholic vocabulary.  Grace has to do with the movement of God within us.  Grace is dynamic.  It is God taking us somewhere, showing us something, reminding of us of something, showing us an answer, giving us a solution, providing us with reassurance, healing us, reconciling us, nourishing us, […]


A favorite childhood activity is a treasure hunt.  Supplied with a map and some clues, the child searches the house, the yard, the park or wherever the treasure is hidden in hopes of eventually finding something fun and wonderful.  Treasure hunts did not necessarily end with childhood.  As adults, we look for that treasure that […]

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“Nobody’s perfect!”  Even though we have heard it or said it, sometimes we live as if we do not really believe it.  At times, we live in the illusion of perfection.  The illusion that somewhere in the world there really is the perfect family, the perfect marriage, the perfect job, even the perfect person. If […]

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There was a young boy who was very excited about the prospect of planting his first vegetable garden.  He carefully picked out the seeds for the plants he wanted to grow.  With great care he prepared the soil, clearing the weeds and softening it with water.  The day he actually planted the seeds was full […]

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This is the weekend to think about freedom.  The July 4th celebration of Independence Day reminds us of the blessing it is to live in a country that enshrines freedom as one of its foundational values. One of the freedoms that is of particular importance to us as people of faith is freedom of religion: […]

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