The basis of the Christian life is Baptism. It also serves as the gateway to life in the Spirit, and is the door which gives access to the other sacraments. Through Baptism, we are freed from sin and reborn as children of God. We become members of Christ, are incorporated into the Church, and made sharers in its mission: “Baptism is the sacrament of regeneration through water in the word.”

-Roman Catechism II

Baptism Schedule

Christ Cathedral only does group Baptisms on the following days:

English: 4th Saturday of each month

Spanish: 1st and 3rd Saturday of each month (also 5th Saturday, if available)

Vietnamese: 2nd Saturday of each month

Ceremony Information:

Ceremonies are held in a group of up to 9 children. Groups usually do fill up, so please plan at least 3 months in advance

Ceremonies generally take place at 9:00 a.m. (time and location are subject to change)

Baptism Class Schedule

English: Thursday prior to the Baptism Ceremony

Spanish: Wednesday prior to the Baptism Ceremony

Vietnamese: Friday prior to the Baptism Ceremony

Class Information:

Classes are mandatory for Parents, Godparents, and Christian Witnesses to receive a Baptism Class Certificate

Classes are for adults only

Class time and location are subject to change

Baptism Class Certificate Information:

Baptism Class Certificates are not needed in order to confirm the Baptism Ceremony date; however, certificates still must be attained and submitted before the Baptism Ceremony

Baptism Class Certificates are valid for two years from date of issue

Christ Cathedral accepts Baptism Class Certificates from any parish (including those outside the Diocese of Orange) that are completed within two years before the Baptism Ceremony


Infants up to six years of age are welcome to be baptized in our group ceremonies. If the child is seven years of age or older, we invite you to contact our Children’s Faith Formation Supervisor, Fortune Guzman ([email protected]) to register your child in an initiation program for children.

For Parents:

Completed Baptism Registration Form

Child’s County-issued Birth Certificate OR Hospital-issued Birth Certificate (acceptable only if child is 3 months old or younger)

Parishioner Sunday Envelope ID Number OR Proof of Residence within Christ Cathedral Parish Boundaries (View Parish Boundaries Map) OR Permission Letter from Your Home Parish

Baptism Class Certificate (read Baptism Class Certificate Information under Baptism Class Schedule)

$50 non-refundable fee

For Godparents:

Baptism Class Certificate (read Baptism Class Certificate Information under Baptism Class Schedule)

IF SINGLE: Copy of Confirmation Certificate

IF MARRIED: Copy of Catholic Marriage Certificate

For Christian Witnesses:

Baptism Class Certificate (read Baptism Class Certificate Information under Baptism Class Schedule)

Please send the completed form with all required documents in a single email to [email protected] or submit in person to the parish office. Baptism date WILL NOT be confirmed until all required documents (excluding Baptism Class Certificate) are received.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Do both parents need to be Catholic in order to have a child baptized?

No, there is no need to have both parents being Catholic in order to have a child baptized. It is sufficient that one Catholic parent is making a request for Baptism. However, the other parent, who is non-Catholic, should be informed, be happy, and be pleased to have his/her child being baptized in the Catholic Church. Both parents are required to attend one preparation class prior to the scheduled Baptism.

What is the role of a Catholic Godparent?

To be a Catholic Godparent is an honor and an awesome responsibility. It calls one to draw even deeper into the heart of Christ to gain wisdom in guiding the spiritual life of the child in the ways of Christ and His Church. The Catholic Godparent(s), together with the child’s parents, must be willing to help the child being baptized to grow in love for Christ and for neighbors. By word and example, the Catholic Godparent(s) will encourage the child to live the Christian life and the Catholic faith and to fulfill faithfully the obligations connected with faith and life.

Does a Catholic Godparent need to be a Catholic?


is at least 18 years of age

has received the three (3) Sacraments of Baptism, Holy Communion, and Confirmation.

if unmarried: must provide a copy of Confirmation Certificate

if married: must provide a copy of Catholic Marriage Certificate. He/she is married by a Catholic priest/deacon. The current marriage is canonically valid and recognized as such by the Catholic Church.

attends Mass regularly on Sundays and Holy Days of Obligation

is a registered member of a Catholic parish

is not the parent of the child being baptized

has a manner of life in harmony with the Faith and with the role of a Catholic Godparent to be undertaken

understands and assumes the responsibilities and obligations of a Catholic Godparent

declares, by prayer and example, to encourage and instruct the child in living out the Catholic faith

testifies before God and God’s minister to the truth of what is stated here above

In summary: The Catholic Godparent takes on the responsibility to be a role model and teacher to the child in the practice of the Catholic faith. Non-practicing Catholics are NOT in a position to fulfill this role. Again, Catholic Godparents must be faith-practicing Catholics.

How many Catholic Godparents should your child have at Baptism?

There are 3 choices:

  1. ONE (1) CATHOLIC GODPARENT (of either gender). Either a Catholic Godmother or a Catholic Godfather.
  2. TWO (2) CATHOLIC GODPARENTS (one of each gender). One is a Catholic Godmother, and the other is a Catholic Godfather.
  3. ONE (1) CATHOLIC GODPARENT (of either gender), and A CHRISTIAN WITNESS (of the opposite gender). One is a Catholic Godparent, and the other is a Christian Witness as a witness to the event of the Baptism Ceremony.
Who is a Christian Witness?

If the individual is a baptized non-Catholic person, he/she cannot be admitted as a Catholic Godparent. However, if the baptized non-Catholic person has a valid Baptism in his/her Christian Faith, then he/she can be admitted to serve as a Christian Witness to the event of the Baptism Ceremony.

Why do we ask for the “maiden last name” of the mother of the child?

We go by the child’s birth certificate. Thus, the mother’s “maiden last name” is recorded in the Baptism certificate of her child.

What if the Baptism will occur elsewhere? Can I still attend the Baptism Class at Christ Cathedral?

If the Baptism occurs somewhere else, the parents, Catholic Godparents, and Christian Witnesses can still attend Baptism Class here.

Code of Canon Law, #774 and # 872-874

Catechism of the Catholic Church #1255 and #1311

Adult Baptism

For adult baptisms eighteen years of age and above please contact:

English: José Morfín, English RCIA Coordinator [email protected]

Vietnamese: Minh Pham, Vietnamese RCIA Coordinator [email protected]

Spanish: Please contact the parish office at [email protected]