Almost everyday we use keys.  Keys to the house, the car, the office. Keys to gates, cupboards, files, maybe even keys to someone else’s house.  Keys give us access to something, they get us in.  The possession of keys presumes trust.  Others give us or lend us their keys only if they trust that we […]

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On Pentecost Sunday, as we celebrated the great feast of the community of apostles and disciples becoming Christ’s Church, St. Callistus Parish became Christ Cathedral.  While the same in service and ministry to its members, the parish has become the bishop’s church, now extending its service and ministry to the broader Church of the Diocese […]

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What is the Trinity?  If you were a child asking this question, you usually were first told that the Trinity is a mystery.  Then, if you pressed a bit further, you were told that the Trinity is one God with three persons: the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.   Having heard that, you probably […]

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The purchase of the famous Crystal Cathedral by the Diocese of Orange in 2012, began a journey of transformation for St. Callistus Parish.  On this Pentecost Sunday, June 8,  2014, we celebrate a major event in this journey as St. Callistus Parish from this day forward will be known as Christ Cathedral. The journey of […]

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