From St. Callistus to Christ Cathedral

The purchase of the famous Crystal Cathedral by the Diocese of Orange in 2012, began a journey of transformation for St. Callistus Parish.  On this Pentecost Sunday, June 8,  2014, we celebrate a major event in this journey as St. Callistus Parish from this day forward will be known as Christ Cathedral.

The journey of St. Callistus Parish to becoming Christ Cathedral has been a complex and challenging process.  Not only has it involved geographic and physical moves, it has also involved all the emotional responses that happen when there is major change.  As in any transition, there have been times of misunderstanding and even hurt.  At the same time, those have been far outweighed by the openness and generosity of all involved to make this transition work, even flourish, because this is what the Lord is calling us to do.

A new identity means new responsibilities.  The vibrant and effective pastoral ministry that has gone on at St. Callistus Parish for over 50 years will continue.  It is out of this wonderful context that Christ Cathedral is being called to take on its role as a cathedral parish, acting in the name of Bishop Vann in welcoming and serving people in the Diocese of Orange and far beyond. This new role is a challenge. It is also a profound privilege.

As Rector and Vice-Rector of Christ Cathedral with responsibility for pastoral ministry in service to the parish and the diocese, we are honored to serve you.

Another major milestone will be the dedication of the cathedral building as Christ Cathedral in 2016. When that day comes, we are confident that the people of Christ Cathedral Parish, fully engaged in their ministries as a cathedral parish will proudly and gratefully be among those who open the doors of Christ Cathedral to the world.