The world is a complicated and troubled place.  Continuing conflicts in the Middle East.  The horrors of violent acts committed by terrorists.  Random shootings of innocent victims in schools, hospitals […]

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After his resurrection, Jesus entered a room full of frightened disciples who had been in hiding since his crucifixion and said, “Peace be with you (John 20:19).” These words were […]

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A fear that many people have is the fear of growing old.  When we are young, we cannot imagine getting old.  We think that somehow we will be exempt from […]

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Palm Sunday marks the beginning of Holy Week.  This is the week that recalls the events of Jesus’ life that led to our salvation, reaching its culmination with the celebration […]

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One of life’s continuing mysteries is the paradox of opposites. The beauty of light is revealed as it breaks through darkness.  Health is better appreciated after we have been ill.  […]

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One day after Mass, a little boy came up to the priest, held his cell phone up and said, “Father, when I turn the voice recorder on, could you please […]

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There are two kinds of house cleaning.  There is the routine sweeping, scouring the kitchen and bathrooms and dusting the furniture.  Then there is the radical cleaning.  It includes the […]

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Our lives are occasionally blessed with wonderful experiences.  A beautiful time with our spouse, our children, our friends.  A delicious dinner, fun-filled party or very restful vacation.  Celebrations of significant […]

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We live in a world of extremes.  One day the hot weather is barely tolerable, the  very next day it is bitingly cold.  Physically we feel great in the morning […]

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