In our lives we have moments when we feel frazzled or distraught, when we are extremely tired and discouraged or we literally feel physically ill.  These are the times when […]

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In the Gospel story about the storm on the lake and the terrified disciples thinking they are going to drown, it first appears the main challenge was the storm (Mark […]

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There is a huge spectrum when it comes to how people relate to God.  Some folks do the bare minimum, praying every so often, occasionally coming to Mass and maybe […]

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In many places of the world, bread is a common food.  In a variety of countries it is a basic part of the diet of the people.  There are many […]

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When we are nervous about being in certain situations, like meeting someone for the first time or being interviewed for a new job, sometimes people attempt to calm us down […]

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There are many events and circumstances in our world that pull our spirits down.  Violence, crime, conflicts among nations, abuse, family problems, all of these can give us drooping spirits.  […]

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Many people are familiar with the famous story about Michelangelo who accepted the challenge of sculpting a statue out of a flawed piece of rock.  The result of his work […]

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It is wonderful to connect with a significant person in our lives that we have not seen in a long time.  There is great conversation, getting caught up on all […]

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If you were asked to name the top ten most exciting occupations a person could have, being a shepherd would probably not be on the list. Perhaps the idea of […]

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