This is the final week of answers in the Rector’s Column to the questions that were raised at the Christ Cathedral Parish Assembly on July 12, 2017. As of this publication, all of the questions that were received at the assembly and not answered have been responded to. As I have said, I have been so inspired by the commitment to and concern for our parish that has been exemplified through the many questions put forward. I hope these responses have been helpful and I look forward to continued conversation in our journey together as Christ Cathedral Parish.


Together in faith,

Very Reverend Christopher Smith, Rector



Q. What will be our operating budget once the Cathedral is open?

A. The Cathedral will be an integral part of the campus. It is anticipated that the parish operating budget will increase. The operations and maintenance of the campus is included in the Diocese of Orange budget. The parish currently contributes monthly to the campus. There will be discussions in the future with the Diocesan Finance Department and the Parish Finance Council in regards to further support.


Q. Do we have enough funds to renovate the Cathedral?

A. Through the For Christ Forever capital campaign pledge revenues, the proceeds from the sale of the Marywood property, additional fund-raising efforts and a grant from the Diocese of Orange, we have the funds for the first phase of the renovation of the Cathedral which includes the worship level and parts of the lower level.



Q. What is being done to address the lack of technology we currently have? With the inflow of many new parishioners, we are not prepared for the vast number of religious education sign-ups, parish-wide communication, etc.

A. I am very eager to develop our use of technology in the parish. In addition to the concerns mentioned above, I would like to have the capacity for parish-wide communication using email and other electronic formats.


Q. How many people work for Christ Cathedral Corporation?

A. Since the Diocese of Orange took over the operations of the campus in 2016, there are two employees of the corporation whose function is to manage the accounts receivable and payable for the renovation construction of the Cathedral.


Q. Will the pope come to visit? Invited to the dedication?

A. There are no plans for a papal visit at this time. The Pope will certainly be invited to the dedication and will most likely be represented by the Papal Nuncio to the United States of America.


Q. Could we have more ways for our youth to volunteer on campus?

A. Yes, we will provide more opportunities for youth to volunteer on the campus in the future.