Disneyland, not far from Christ Cathedral, is called the “Magic Kingdom”.  Since 1955, Disneyland has drawn millions and millions of people from around the world to experience and enjoy its “magic”.  Wow! How could we do better than having a magic kingdom right in our own backyard?

The Feast of Jesus Christ the King of the Universe reminds us there is another Kingdom that is as close to us as our very lives. It is called the Kingdom of God. As wonderful as this might sound, the imagery of a kingdom can be difficult for us to relate to.  Maybe thinking about the magic kingdom can give us some insights into what the Kingdom of Jesus Christ the King truly is.

Disneyland is all about fantasizing about a different kind of existence.  It peaks our imaginations with its out-of-this-world rides and entertainment. The image of God’s Kingdom can sometimes seem like a fantasy.  After all, God’s Kingdom is about forgiveness, equality among people, justice for all and peace on earth.  Talk about a fantasy.  Come on, could there ever really be a world like that?  We have tried to participate in this Kingdom only to be disappointed.  Like going to Disneyland.  We save up our money and look forward to going only to end up waiting in endlessly long lines and encountering rude and impatient people.  Participating in God’s Kingdom has left us sometimes hurt, disillusioned and overwhelmed.

The Kingdom of God is not a fantasy.  With Jesus Christ our King, the world of God’s dreams can actually happen.  There truly can be forgiveness, justice and peace.  God’s Kingdom is not a magic kingdom where all our problems melt away.  It is a holy Kingdom, where the power of God in Jesus accomplishes things that we never dreamed possible. With Jesus Christ our King, we are not passive riders who have nothing to say about the world in which we live.  We are active participants, each of us in our way, being instruments of reconciliation, justice and peace.  God’s Kingdom is about living lives though which God’s dreams for our world come true. That is way more than a magic kingdom.

Together in faith,

Very Rev. Christopher H. Smith