Pastoral Services Appeal: Our Faith, Our Future

We continue to be grateful for the historic dedication of Christ Cathedral and the great blessing it is as a parish to celebrate Mass in such a beautiful place. As you know, Christ Cathedral Parish is part of the Diocese of Orange under the leadership of Bishop Kevin Vann. Every year we have an opportunity to support the overall work of the Diocese of Orange through the Pastoral Services Appeal.

The administrative and pastoral offices of the diocese provide the infrastructure, support and training that are the foundations for our local parish ministries. I am once again inviting you to support the work of the diocese through your participation in the 2020 Pastoral Services Appeal. The theme, “Our Faith, Our Future”, reminds us that as a parish and as the Church, we are one in faith and our mission is to carry that faith into the future.

Our 2020 diocesan goal is $144,000.00. A wonderful feature of the Pastoral Services Appeal is that all monies paid over our diocesan goal are returned to the parish at 100%. As they did last year, these monies will be used to support our developing Youth and Young Adult Ministry here at Christ Cathedral.

Next weekend, February 22-23, 2020, is our Pastoral Services Appeal Commitment Weekend. During each of the Masses, an opportunity will be given to make a pledge of your financial support for this year’s campaign. Your gift can be paid over the next ten months. Please consider what portion of your financial resources you will share to support the ministries of the diocese and our own Youth and Young Adult Ministry. A proportionate gift may mean $1,000 for some, $500 for others, $300 for others or any other amount. Though we each have different financial resources, we all have something. Whatever you can share is greatly appreciated.

Your generosity in supporting this year’s Pastoral Services Appeal is an important contribution to the work of carrying our Catholic faith well into the future. Thank you so much for supporting this effort to help bring the Lord’s life and love to our world.

Together in faith,

The Very Rev. Christopher Smith, rector