In Mark’s Gospel, Jesus encounters crowds of people who are suffering from illness and all kinds of other calamities (Mark 1:29-39).  While many were healed that day, Jesus wanted the crowds to know and he wants us to know the suffering we experience in life is not the whole picture.  Even though the physical suffering may not immediately end, the healing, soothing love of Jesus is with us.  The perspective of faith is that God’s love is always with us even though a current circumstance may suggest otherwise.

As disciples of Jesus, we are called to bring that healing love of God to each other and to the world.  The annual Diocese of Orange Pastoral Services Appeal (PSA) gives us a great opportunity to share that love in our community and also inspire others to do the same.  This year’s theme is “Our Faith, Our Future”.  The PSA provides a way to financially support the work of carrying our faith into our future.  The campaign raises funds to support formation, education and outreach across the diocese.  It also gives us a wonderful opportunity to raise funds to support our own parish community.

Our diocesan goal this year is $156,000.  Every dollar raised above this diocesan goal will be returned to us to help financially support the ministries and operating expenses of the parish, especially youth and young adult ministries.  Along with my brother priests of Christ Cathedral Parish, I am inviting you to make a pledge to support this annual appeal that can be paid off over the next 10 months.  You can make your pledge by returning the pledge envelope that registered parishioners will receive in the mail.  You can also pledge online through our parish electronic newsletter, our online parish bulletin or the Pastoral Services Appeal website.

Please consider what portion of your financial resources you will share to support the work of the diocese and our parish.  A proportionate gift may mean $1,000.00 for some, $500.00 for others, $300.00 for others or any other amount. Though we each have different financial resources, we all have something.  Proportionate giving does not call for equal gifts. It calls for equal sacrifice. Whatever amount you are able to give is very much appreciated.

All of us priests of Christ Cathedral Parish are blessed to be on the journey of faith with you.  Thank you for your continued generosity in supporting the mission of bringing the Lord’s healing love to our world.

Together in faith,

Very Rev. Christopher H. Smith, Rector