A popular springtime activity in some neighborhoods is the home tour weekend. On this weekend, people make their homes available to be toured by the public. Walking through the homes, the tourists experience various kinds of architecture and decorating styles. It is an opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the houses and perhaps to get some ideas for one’s own home décor.

In the Gospel Jesus says, “In my Father’s house there are many dwelling places (John 14:1-12).”  This is a great passage of hope, reminding us God has prepared a house for us that we will enter after our lives on earth. Life with God in that house in the future begins with our lives with God here. Looking forward to living in the house God has prepared, every so often it is a good idea to take a look at the spiritual houses of our lives. While we may or may not be going on a neighborhood home tour this spring, how about taking a “virtual” tour of our spiritual houses?

Our tour begins in the living room. Hopefully our lives live up to the name of this room as places where people are welcomed and family is cared for. Perhaps it is time to invite someone new into the living rooms of our lives. On to the dining room, a place of nourishment. This room reminds us of our Christian call to feed the poor and attend to those in need. Now to the kitchen which is a place of food preparation. What will help us be better prepared for what life may bring? Our faith provides us with the ingredients of love and forgiveness to fashion a better world. Perhaps there are recipes to learn to help us be good spouses, parents, friends and priests. The bathroom reminds us that every so often our lives could use some cleansing. We need to eliminate toxic behaviors that damage others and ourselves. The bedroom is a place of rest that needs to be a regular part of our lives. It is sometimes a place where love is expressed which reminds us that if we say we love someone, we should act like it.

This concludes our spiritual home tour for now. How great to help each other care for our spiritual houses in anticipation of entering the house Jesus has prepared for us from the beginning of time.

Together in faith,

Very Rev. Christopher H. Smith