What do the words “thank you” mean, anyway? Among the many meanings,  thank you means, I noticed that you noticed. I noticed that you cared for me. I noticed that I mattered to you. I noticed that you helped somebody. I noticed that you gave of yourself. I noticed that you sacrificed. I noticed that you took a risk. I noticed that you noticed. Thank you.

St. Paul says in I Corinthians 1:3-9, “I continually thank God for you.” Paul noticed that the people noticed the power of Jesus in their lives and he said thank you to them. All ten of the people cured of leprosy in the Gospel were surely very grateful to be healed (Luke 17:11-19). The one who returned to say thank you is the one who noticed where the cure came from. The one who said thank you is the one who noticed that Jesus noticed.

As Thanksgiving Day approaches, were are invited to take note of who has noticed us and consider whom we need to notice. Thanksgiving is about recognizing those who have cared for us, sacrificed for us, have been generous with us, sensitive to us, taken risks for us. We say thank you because they noticed. At this time, we are also called to see who is out there in our family, neighborhood, parish, school, work, bigger world that we need to notice. Who needs our care, compassion or understanding? Who have we not noticed, or maybe even ignored that could be given encouragement because we noticed.

This Sunday, we say thank you to Pat Otero who for many years has been involved in the music ministry of the parish including directing the choir at the 9:30 a.m. Mass. We have noticed your commitment and love for music and the Liturgy through which the parish has been blessed. We notice that you have noticed how wonderful it is when we gather each Sunday to give praise to the Lord through music.

To Pat and to all at Christ Cathedral Parish, we say thank you. We notice all the ways you help this parish to flourish as a place of unity and faith. As a parish, may we always notice those who have noticed us. May we notice those whom we need to notice. To the Lord and to you, we simply say, thank you!

Together in faith,

Fr. Tuyen Nguyen, Vice-Rector                                  Fr. Christopher Smith, Rector