Breakfast on the beach

Disappointment is in the air. The disciples of Jesus had been fishing all night and caught nothing. In the midst of their disappointment, some amazing things happened. They saw a man on the shore who told them to cast their nets over the other side of the boat. They took the recommendation and caught a huge amount of fish. Then they recognized that the man on the shore was Jesus. Perhaps even more astonishing, when they returned to the shore, there Jesus was on the beach preparing a breakfast of grilled fish for them (John 21:1-14).

Jesus had indeed risen from the dead. As if that were not enough, there he was, their risen Lord and Savior preparing a morning time barbeque for his friends on the beach. He had already provided them with an incredible catch of fish. They surely must have been surprised with that additional loving action of preparing breakfast for them after a long, arduous night.

Everyday we have opportunities to do good and to act lovingly toward other people. Jesus’ action of serving breakfast on the beach invites us to look for ways to surprise others with our love. To give a little gift or send a card when there is no occasion. To make a phone call or send a text just to say hello. To extend an unexpected invitation to lunch or dinner. To say hello to the stranger we pass on our morning walk. To roll our neighbor’s emptied trash container from the street to the driveway. To drop a bouquet of flowers on Grandma’s porch or to just stop by for an unexpected visit.

So often we put off actions of love and kindness until it is the right time or right occasion. Or we wait for the other person to act, thinking it is their turn to do something kind for us. For people of the resurrection, every day is the right time and occasion because it is the time we have been given to bring the life and love of Jesus to the world.

Every day is the right time to surprise each other with our love. Every day is the right day to serve breakfast on the beach.

Together in faith,

Very Rev. Christopher Smith, rector