A Virtual Home Tour


Jesus says, “In my Father’s house there are many dwelling places (John 14:1-12).”   This great passage of hope reminds us God has prepared a house for us which we will enter after our lives on earth.  Life with God in that house begins with life with God here.  In these difficult days, it is particularly important to nourish a strong spiritual life.  Looking forward to the house God has prepared for us, it could be helpful to look literally at the houses of our lives here.  In the spirit of so much that happens through the internet, please join me in taking a “virtual” tour of our houses from a spiritual perspective.

We begin in the living room.  For many, the living room has taken on a whole new meaning.  Traditionally, it has been the place where guests are welcomed and family gathers on special occasions.  Now, rather than welcoming guests, living rooms are mostly filled with family members engaged in all kinds of activities from going to school online to watching endless cycles of videos. The living room is a place where the virtue of patience can be practiced.  It might also be a place for family prayer and thoughtful conversation.  On to the dining room.  Dining rooms nowadays are really that.  With so many in-home meals, this is a good time to be supportive of whoever the chef of the day is even if the cuisine is getting a bit repetitive. Remember, too, the many people who are struggling to put food on the tables of their dining rooms. Our generous support is needed to help them.  Now to the kitchen.  This room is really getting a workout.  Kitchens are great places to exercise cooperation and volunteering to do unpopular chores like doing the dishes or taking out the trash.  The bathroom reminds us that every so often our lives could use some cleansing.  While going to confession is not readily available now, every day can still include an examination of conscience to see where perhaps we have been offensive in language or short on patience.  As a clean bathroom promotes the health of all in the house, this room can remind us that our practices of social distancing, washing our hands and wearing a mask are also acts of generosity and consideration for the health of others. The bedroom is a place of much needed rest.  Far from being selfish, our efforts to get some good rest ultimately help us to be better for others.  As bedrooms are sometimes places where love is expressed, let this room remind us that if we say we love someone, we should act like it.

Our “virtual” home tour is concluded for now.  Thoughtfully caring for our earthly homes can help us nourish a strong spiritual life that will help us get through these days. How great to support each other in caring for our homes in anticipation of entering the house Jesus has prepared for us from the beginning of time.

Together in faith,

Very Rev. Christopher H. Smith