During the past months we have experienced many beautiful events. In November, we conducted our stewardship renewal process and were blessed with a tremendous generosity in pledges for the financial support of the parish. Over 1,500 gathered to celebrate our Thanksgiving Day Mass. We celebrated our annual Mass of Remembrance and a Mass honoring the Vietnamese Martyrs. The Our Lady of Guadalupe celebrations were a powerful testimony of faith. With the Simbang Gabi Mass we ushered in the feast of Christmas. Beginning with the 4th Sunday of Advent Masses on December 24th, followed by the Christmas Eve Masses, we celebrated 20 Masses in four languages through Christmas Day.

Our parish is a part of the Diocese of Orange under the leadership of Bishop Kevin Vann. The administrative and pastoral offices of the diocese provide the infrastructure, support and training that are the foundations for our local parish ministries. I am inviting you to support this work of the diocese through your participation in the 2018 Pastoral Services Appeal (PSA). The theme, “We Are One”, reminds us that as a parish and as the Church, we are one in faith, one in love, and one in service as the Body of Christ.

This year our diocesan goal is $166,000.00. Through the PSA, we look beyond the boundaries of the parish in support of the many diocesan ministries that benefit all of us. All monies collected over our diocesan goal are returned to the parish 100%, providing additional financial support for our own parish ministries. Our PSA Pledge Weekend is February 10-11, when you will have an opportunity to make a pledge to be paid over the next 10 months. Please consider what portion of your financial resources you will share to support the work of the diocese and of our parish. A proportionate gift may mean $1,000.00 for some, $500.00 for others, $300.00 for others or any other amount. Though we each have different financial resources, we all have something. Proportionate giving does not call for equal gifts. It calls for equal sacrifice.

I am blessed to be on the journey of faith with you.Thank you for your continued generosity in supporting our efforts to bring the Lord?s life and love to our world.

Together in faith,

Very Rev. Christopher Smith, Rector