Hazel Wright Organ Recordings and Book

As part of the Hazel Wright Organ’s 40th anniversary and restoration “Year of Hazel” celebration in 2022, Christ Cathedral’s two organists released albums through Gothic Records, a historic label that also recorded Hazel during the Crystal Cathedral era.

David Ball, principal organist and cathedral music ministry director, released his album, “The Hazel Wright Organ,” which includes “Ceremonial Dialogue.” The work for the 2022 dedication is by American composer Daniel Ficarri. Ball also recorded Robert Hebble’s “Heraldings,” which was written for Hazel’s dedication ceremony in 1982.

Dr. Emma Whitten, associate organist, released “Hazel Is Back!” Her work includes music by Americans and female composers, along with other organ favorites.

Both albums feature duets on Hazel’s two consoles, as well as a virtuosic display of a truly American style of eclectic organ playing.

The Gothic Records albums are available on CD and digital download at Gothic-Catalog.com. They are also available in person and online at the Christ Cathedral Shop, and for digital download on Spotify, the Apple Music Classical app, YouTube and Apple Music.

In addition, there is a new book about the history of the Hazel Wright Organ, written by Dr. David Crean with a foreword from former Crystal Cathedral organist Dr. Frederick Swann. The book is available at Gothic-Catalog.com and the Christ Cathedral Shop.

Christ Cathedral principal organist David L. Ball talks about his new album, “The Hazel Wright Organ”

Dr. Emma Whitten, associate organist for Christ Cathedral, talks about her new album, “Hazel is Back!”

Recording on the newly restored Hazel Wright Organ with Gothic Records