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The Flying Seeds Evangelical Concert

October 5 @ 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm


The Flying Seeds YouTube Channel


Introduction of “The Flying Seeds

We are “The Flying Seeds” — a Christian music ministry that started from a Bible study group. For 21 years, our Lord has been leading us toward serving Him and people with music. Our group’s name comes from the image of seeds as they begin to sprout, which resembles music notes. Thus, through singing, we plant the seeds of Christ’s love, peace, and joy into people’s hearts.

Over the past 21 years, our group has had 110 performances all over California in all kinds of occasions – evangelical services, Maryknoll Sisters, Sisters of St. Joseph, community gatherings, nursing homes, weddings, funerals, Christmas caroling, etc. – to all ages and all races. Nine out of the 110 performances were evangelical concerts mixing Gospel message and devotional songs with folk songs, many of which were imbedded in the American folk lexicon, and touched the hearts of many. All of our services are completely voluntary.

Our Lord has also led us to YouTube since August, 2021. So far, we have 33 songs there with total views of 443,759, and audiences from all over the world including lots of nonbelievers. Since our goal is preaching the Gospel of the Lord and bringing peace and joy to people through music, we DO NOT accept advertising revenue. You are welcome to share our YouTube channel with anyone. Here is our YouTube channel link. Thanks. God bless.



我們是「飛颺的種子」— 從一個小小的查經班萌芽到基督徒音樂事工的團體。21 年前開始,主帶領我們走上用音樂傳福音引人歸主的路。我們已完全義務性地在南北加州服事了 110 場,包括九場大型的 400~ 650 人的民歌、聖歌傳福音演唱會。服事的對象有各個教會、社區中心、安養院、佈道會、華人工商大展、修女院、聖誕報佳音 …… 中外不拘。

從 2021 年8月起,主又帶領我們上了 YouTube。藉著一點一滴地相傳,我們的總點閱數已破 44萬,中外觀眾遍佈歐美亞三洲。我們仍一本初衷,只以傳揚福音及帶平安喜樂給眾人為目的,拒絕任何廣告收入。如果您喜歡我們的視頻,請訂閱我們的頻道並和親友們分享。謝謝!主佑!


October 5
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm