Making it a day

Many people are now utilizing the ride sharing service called Uber. This requires signing up for the Uber app on your smart phone and then hailing your driver via the app. Registration requires using a credit card, so there is no cash exchanged between you and the driver. Every step is done electronically except the actual ride which still involves a real car and driver.

One night as an Uber passenger was being driven home he asked the driver, who was about 65, how long he had worked for Uber. The driver said he had driven for Uber for one day and that this was his last trip. The passenger then asked why only a day with Uber. The driver replied that if he signed up and gave 20 rides within 24 hours, his Uber driver son would get a $450 bonus for making the referral. He said he had a full time job but his son was having some financial troubles so he wanted to help him out. The passenger was astounded. This almost retired dad drove strangers around for 24 hours in order to help out his son! Probably strapped for cash himself, this father took a day out his life in an exquisite act of love for his son. It certainly must have made his son’s day.

One day Jesus took a day out of his life in an exquisite act of love for his Father. That day he travelled to the Jordan River and stepped into line with a crowd of sinners to be baptized. He was not there because he sinned. He was there so that the sinners would know of his Father’s merciful love through his participation in their humanity. That day out of Jesus’s life meant the world to his Father who said, “You are my beloved Son; with you I am well pleased” (Luke 3:15-22).

Perhaps it’s time to take a day out of our lives for someone else. A day to spend with an elderly parent or a friend who is ill. A day to cook meals for that family whose mom just died. A day to clean the garage for your wife who is frustrated with the mess. A day to read for children at a school. A day to pack food for those who are without. A day to take care of your sister’s kids so she can rest or spend time with her husband. A day to pray for peace in the world. Whatever it is, make it a day to make someone else’s day. The Uber Dad did. Jesus did.

Together in faith,

The Very Rev. Christopher Smith, rector